NEPA Documents

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires federal agencies to analyze environmental impacts of their proposed actions. The Army’s policy and procedure for compliance with NEPA are detailed in 32 CFR 651, Environmental Analysis of Army Actions (AR 200-2).

The YPG NEPA process provides an opportunity to consider potential environmental and long-term sustainability aspects and to incorporate ways to avoid, minimize or mitigate negative impacts.

When a project or activity is first proposed (testing, training, garrison, or outside organization), the proponent or project manager should contact the YPG NEPA Program Manager to determine what documentation and agency coordination is necessary prior to initiating or implementing any project activities. Particularly if there will be any ground disturbance, as these type of activities may require field surveys that require lead times to leverage the appropriate subject matter specialists.

If you have any questions about NEPA, please contact the YPG NEPA Program Manager.

Call: (928) 328-3087