Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Consumer Confidence Report Rule

The Annual Water Quality Report, called the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Rule requires all community water systems (CWSs) to prepare and distribute a brief annual water quality report summarizing information regarding source water, detected contaminants, compliance and educational materials.

The rule is intended to protect public health by providing educational materials to inform consumer about potential health risks pertaining to the quality, treatment and management of their drinking water supply.

Current CCR – 2023 Calendar Year

  • Coming Soon:
  • 2023 Consumer Confidence Report for Howard Cantonment Area
  • 2023 Consumer Confidence Report for Walker Cantonment Area/Kofa Cantonment Area

Previous CCR – 2017-2022 Calendar Year

For more information:

EPA – Safe Drinking Water Act: Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR)

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